If there is any of you, who intended or has attempted self-murder,

I can tell you that dead or alive, what’s hurting you right now, will always hurt. In here or the afterlife, your journey will continue.

I am a nobody, just another suicidal fighting for survival, but unlike me, I know that flowers cry when you die, and rainbow does not welcome suicide souls to passed through the sky. Please, you are cherished by many, and now by me. Lovely, life is so much more than just living, and you, whoever your name is, you won’t know what more is because you have stopped walking while many more is right under your nose, waiting…

More around the corner keep waiting…another corner.

Breathe. I know, I know. Just breathe. Everything is going to be alright. Perfections are a goddamn lie. You are not obligated to it.┬áDon’t be afraid of mistakes because everyone does it all the time. What you need is courage to embrace those mistakes as a part of you. It is okay to fall in love even if its wrong, re-ride that roller coaster though the line is long. You do You, okay? Set your own rules because, I don’t know. Why not?

Now I am here, and there are two rules to be in my home.

1. Be happy for who you are.

2. If you are not happy, refer to rule number 1.

Always :