Ladies and gentlemen of the century;-
Who needs to complete a story,
Or is living like Tom and Jerry who were never sorry,
Pause the worry and pay attention like you are in a military,
Here are the hacks that can hold the Love of your life entirely.

1st; –
Take care of their tummy,
Before hungry changes to grumpy,
When cravings has stopped being needy,
The beautiful face you’ve missed will smile for you, naturally.

2nd; –
Stop spoiling them with Armani and Gucci,
They might dream of their fantasy,
But in actual reality,
All they ever need is, a simple sincerity.

3rd; –
Direct or indirectly,
Never ever compare anyone with anybody,
Because when Love is there whole-heartedly,
Love will let Love go, for Love to be glory.

4th; –
Stop thinking of the dowry and monetary,
Honesty is free and it is the best policy,
Secrets will ruined all relationships mentally,
It has broke many friends, lovers and family.

Accept, adapt, forgive, believe and enjoy that goddamn good strawberry;-
For an everlasting serenity,
That is how forever exist in the tale of a fairy,
Happily ever after is not a history,
It is real because everyone deserves to at least, be happy.


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