To sofeeneetee readers, sadly as it is, sofeenetee has came to its end today. Though my writing has always been solemn and sorrow but it is love that make me wrote all the while. It keeps me rhyme and rhyme because Love is more than just the word l.o.v.e. It is the so much love that makes me so happy that I cry. I couldnt explain the appreciation of feeling what I felt without tearing. But it is all over now. Thanks to Love who has given me the opportunity to be the dream that I dreamt. To have printed my own book even it does not make it to any shelve. Thanks to Love who has showed my son the love and fun from the other side. I would have never make through raising a boy alone, but I have to when I have too. Thanks to Love who has taken care of me when I was sicked and make me feel okay to be sick because Love will always Love. I would never have make even 2 months of survival without Love in My Life. And for all the goods that Love has done, I am letting Love go because My Life deserves to live a good life. I could have stop Love from hurting sooner, but I was so in love I wanted to stay in love. I am sorry for all the chances I asked for me to try. I am sorry i was so full of the thought of being in love I didnt realised my constant incapability and failure has make Love in pain longer than it should have.

Sofeeneetee goes away together with My Life that I cherished but have failed to keep. Thank you for all the support. If Everybody will ever be born again in another life, I will make sure to come in handy, equipped, healthy and happy, just for you so that in my next life, I don’t have to say you are the one that got away.

Remember me when it rains. Be it in light or blackout, I love you infinity runs out.

With love from Love to Love, The End.


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