Many times in life I belived you are a godsend,
Because you are exactly like how I dreamt.

I took my first step,
My mind autosaved our journey since we met.

Being with you is full of threat,
Still Our love made a beautiful story along the thread.

Noticed you have a big head,
Just never thought you will let our ship wreck.

You wouldnt’ve notice that you yelled,
Too drown in your shirt that has drenched.

Silently waited until you are off the desk,
But next in line is life on the internet.

Slept in shed,
With you next on the bed.

I blend, I sweat, I bent, I begged,
Stop gambling my heart in a russian roulette.

Pay attention, do not neglect,
Look at the flowers enduring pain with no regret.

I am not a cadet,
There is one kind of pain my endurance could not accept.

Maybe if I am dead,
Everything will be so much better instead.


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