Home at 3124,Unorganized but never bore,There is so much love to pour,Everyday is more than the day before. Home at 3124,No one cares who lose or score,It’s about the adventure explored,Everytime you open a door. Home at 3124,Will never kept you lonely in store,Time is precious to be ignored,Everyone is loved, for forevermore.


Many times in life I belived you are a godsend,Because you are exactly like how I dreamt. I took my first step,My mind autosaved our journey since we met. Being with you is full of threat,Still Our love made a beautiful story along the thread. Noticed you have a big head,Just never thought you willContinue reading “THE END”


Once you have decide and select,There is no turning back.Relationship is not an abandoned project,It is not okay to simply neglect. For a person who is always correct,I believe you already know your subject.Women are not a pet you can ditch after you fed,You won’t get weak giving them a little respect. One person representsContinue reading “NOT EVEN AT LEAST”