It is not a leap year,Just another common days for a commoner,Lesser than a casual for a Eurosian Deer,Still wonder the world is moving in which gear. Caught up in building a career,Even worst, chasing over peers for a cheer.Years of dispicable pain adhered,When all that was ever asked is to be Dear. Beautiful dreamsContinue reading “OH, DEAR!”


Introduction; –She got her face embarassed,But she never hit the parrot.She made herself transparent,That ended her to a deep confusion.She tuned in to Evanescent,And every song that Love listened.She tried to hear beyond words unspoken,To understand how badly does it hurt.She made do from what she couldn’t,For Love to have a good weekend. Problem statement;Continue reading “EXPERIMENT 1.0”


Meet my partner in crime and in life 🥰Who loves to play the slime; –I can’t understand why 😴Of course he knows I dislike,But he also knew that I can’t resist his eyes. 🙄 He plays and climb,More than just nine to five 😪It’s amazing how his energy confine; –Making me a victim of hisContinue reading “A SON IS A SUN”


Once you have decide and select,There is no turning back.Relationship is not an abandoned project,It is not okay to simply neglect. For a person who is always correct,I believe you already know your subject.Women are not a pet you can ditch after you fed,You won’t get weak giving them a little respect. One person representsContinue reading “NOT EVEN AT LEAST”


I have tasted perfection.Thought it was my imagination,But you are so true without hesitation, Original with no duplication. Beautiful like the night ocean, Nothing but adoration.Got me cherish the forgotten, Hopeful like the blowing dandelion. You make me write without a reason, Now I’ve got an addiction to fiction. Magical like a waterfall from heaven,IfContinue reading “DANDELION”