Your smile makes me clueless,
I fall in love with you, so effortless.

Despite our brokenness,
When together, we are our happiness.

My love that pours for you is endless.
I will never forgive myself for your tears,

I can tear my skin pieces to pieces,
If you needed to see my heart as a witness.

You shined in full brightness,
To be the light in my darkness.

You took care of my illness,
Picked me up when I am full of weakness.

Now I stand fine with confidence,
But without you, I am meaningless.

A life without my life, is breathless,
I want to touch your face, not just pictures.

To fall out of love now needs so much efforts,
My heart breaks seeing what we build shatters.

Their thoughts about us are so reckless,
Pushing us to the corner and edges.

Just like how we find magic in our kisses,
I hope you remember me while you star gazes.


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