Last night we invented Vegas,
Full of lights and crayons,
We coloured our world on a canvas,
Claiming that it is our future.

We stared at each other, confused and lost,
Then burst into laughs at each others’ faces,
because our drawing was silly and hilarious,
But so what? We are not here to be famous.

We could stay dreaming in this palace,
But life gets in our way with commitments,
And we are not idiots,
Wonderland can be real according to Alice.

We parted to home with happy thoughts,
Never knew what waiting for us was chaos,
I do not understand all these madness,
My goodness! Stop conversing in Spanish.

No one ever stood on my axis,
For years I was sleeping without a mattress,
Suddenly there’s so many complains about my practice,
Now I am running out of band-aids.

I can vanish to somewhere landless,
Away from my precious and turned myself into a cactus,
But behind the act of this circus,
There is one thing I am so curious.

Exactly what is wrong about my happiness?


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