They said we are all human, who breathe the same oxygen, given a brain and emotion, to circle within the same environment; -nothing different.

They never taught us about the world that is governed by a slogan, it is common for a life to be stolen and victims with no token will be treated as the malfunction. I never knew cruel could happen until it happened.

My internal health is dependent on the survival of a relation, which was sealed to bind their 6 moons love agreement. A couple has put my soul for judgment, without my consent.

Moments of devotion, has brought my abdomen to frost and swollen. Out of a sudden, I am the responsible person, for a bond that was long broken.

The door has been open since the explosion, certained I heard a painful yearned from the Logan, so I came with a lotion to sooth the beaten, then I fell into her affection and seduction.

Daydream was awaken by the dragon, spitting fire about things I kept unspoken, burnt my face in the open witnessed by the Minion, making me apologized for no reason.

Erosion of confidence begins since then, thought the torment was for my disobedience. Turns out we were in June, reaching my unknown six months end, but was made known of another story that begins again.

She needed the medicine, so I left without ibuprofen, the essential that I need for us to be just friend. I hope my lover survived in that island she has chosen, full of sins behold foretold, woven and unproven.

The least I could do under the spell of a love potion, is to free my love embracing her love without having to pretend, letting her know that I will be there at the very end, be it with or without a solution.

When the sky bled, mixtures of blue and red, makes a beautiful sunset. Told you I am just a bug, better dead than no head, but I have no regret. I hope you remember me as a person you used to smile at, for you will always live in every purple that my eyes sight.


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