You are The Princess known as a laughing clown, when you deliver words like faith, fair, and care as a noun. In the world that chooses evil by default, you made an easy target to knockdown.

Sworn by the love they never had, it is not about the amount. All it means to them are green trees that will never turned brown but the price is a royal crown. The heart that you pledged were abandoned and manipulated into a vow performed underground.

I thought you have learned the hard way that after all, it is about the diamond you brought down, and all the little things were never taken into any account. You should not have decided to reroute, just because you have not heard anybody shout.

Watch out, similar words can be harmonised into a melody that makes your decision unsound. You will ended up again on the same ground, where the skies are greyed by thick clouds full of previous doubt.

On good lucky days that your questions get frowned, do not come to me running on bad days when you are hound in your own compound.

Look at you all dressed in gown. A worthy like you are not supposed to be hidden among the items stored in lost and found. These are not your kind of crowd, better run before you drown in your own tears that no one cares about. For once, make yourself proud.


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