S, is the letter that begins my name, creating the sign of infinity that I have claimed. I can’t promise you immortality, but I can share endless hope for everybody.If you are not a lost astronaut, then you are not lonely. The most least, you have me. I will worth your nothing, with all my everything. So pleaseā€¦ no suiciding. Here in my Homepage, there will be no judgement, no torment, because in my moment everyone deserves a life, not a lie, a shame or a blame. Beauty or beast, wise or otherwise, with plenty or no penny, you can always email to me and we can just talk about anything.

Sending Loves your way,

Earnings from write and paint, are my source of income for living. However, the fact that I do not have to force myself to work every morning since I love what I am doing, and it also heals me in so many ways, makes me couldn’t figure any price tag. So, I’ll let you, my readers, engrave your own meaning in each piece you read and set your own pricing. I’ll accept any amount as a gift or donation. It is the value that comes from one’s heart is the real treasure that I am hunting.



If there is any of you, who intended or has attempted self-murder, now i am begging, don’t do it!

Stop, Honey, that kind of thought won’t be helping. Flowers cry when you die, and rainbows do not welcome suicided souls into the afterlife. Please, know that you are cherished by many, and now by me. Oh Lovely, life is so much more than just living, and you, whoever your name is, you won’t know what is more because you have stopped walking while many more is right under your nose, waiting…

And keep waiting…

If you need a pat on the shoulder, If you need to hear “don’t worry my Dear, everything will be alright”, If you need someone to stroke your hair back and say, “you are pretty and have so much more”,

Now I am here, and this is our home where there are no rules because I don’t need perfection. What perfect for me is you are free to feel anything and be proud of you by being just You.

email: sofeah@sofeeneetee.com