It is not a leap year,
Just another common days for a commoner,
Lesser than a casual for a Eurosian Deer,
Still wonder the world is moving in which gear.

Caught up in building a career,
Even worst, chasing over peers for a cheer.
Years of dispicable pain adhered,
When all that was ever asked is to be Dear.

Beautiful dreams woke people up in tear,
Regret the plans in mind to disappear,
Life is more than what was feeded to the ear,
There is a wide atmosphere beyond the grand chandelier.

Favour the tasteless flavour,
Stay fair with the unfair,
Always thanked the life given by The Creator,
One day a squire will come to warm and secure.

Switch that insecurities off from the love affair,
No one deserves living in despair,
Happiness is real,
With a little bit of faith and spices of sincere.


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