You made her less of a flower,
Each time you plucked her petals while waiting for dinner.
Claimed that you are a life master,
Talk is cheap if you never lend her your ladder.

She remembers how you made her flatter,
So she serves you her heart in a full platter.
But you have stopped making her your desire,
Her cry makes you more proud of your golden hammer.

You took her away from the other,
Making her believe that you will always laugh together.
She trusted you as her saviour,
Turns out your home is made out of fears.

You took her longing for you as a stopping factor,
From a chatter she silent for your pleasure.
Not even pat on the shoulder,
You returned to her with your anger.

In case you wonder,
Who will took care of you when you are older.
There is person far away from perfection who rhymed your name within the goods in her prayer,
You just never accepted her offer to be your lover.

You blamed her for becoming a distracted dreamer,
Even though you know you are the reason she shattered.
Her heart is broken and she needed you near,
Be honest, why didn’t you catch her?


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