Once you have decide and select,
There is no turning back.
Relationship is not an abandoned project,
It is not okay to simply neglect.

For a person who is always correct,
I believe you already know your subject.
Women are not a pet you can ditch after you fed,
You won’t get weak giving them a little respect.

One person represents all cards in a deck,
Trust that none of it needs to be disinfect.
Open your heart to learn each weaknesses and strengths,
You will see how 3 of diamonds is there to protect.

Pain can adapt but the hardest part is to forget,
Small affection is big when she needed help.
After you dived so deep in depth,
It is not worth it to get wrecked by the tense injected by debts.

Years has it been since we connect,
It’s so frustrating to have fight on who overslept.
Stop saying we are defect!
Look back at the time when we revolved within the same wavelength; you and me were perfect!

I never forgot, but you do not remember any of that.


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