Eyes dark and swollen,
Craving for that one affection.
You know love has lessened,
When you do not feel the same passion.

Just because to you it is important,
What makes you think they will take it as urgent?
Stop asking for attention,
Wait for your turn to be attended.

Until you added the zeros in their statement,
Please note that you are nothing special.
Humankind is no longer kind to human,
Unless you are seven or, The President.

The generation now scripted a question,
What will they earn?
But since your favor never returned,
You wouldn’t know how to answer them.

It broke you into tension,
When friends that you knew as nothing else but friend,
Are now in the bull session,
Fighting over a fake golden.

Stop holding on to your essence,
It almost got you trapped in depression.
Keep slapping yourself to make sure you are not centuries left behind,
Stay here, be present in the current.

Read books even it is against the modern,
Brain gets sharper with useful information.
Your fight towards sustained is not alone,
With education, your words will soon be listen.

Keep planting the seeds from heaven,
May it grew lots and lots of love in our environment.


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