She is nice to chat,
Not easy to love like you once had.
She will get mad and sad,
You felt like it is better if you let go of your hand.
But you’ll feel bad to leave her just like that,
So you love her boxes of boxes in the cabinet and her clothes that never match.

You don’t mind catching her tears in the middle of the night,
She just wanted to confirm if you still love her right.
Over and over again she’ll tell you how much she wanted to be by your side,
Repeated and repeating again you said everything is going to be alright.
Then you’ll kiss her to lose her fright,
You’ll hug to stop her worry until it gets bright.

Next day she stays awake, still worry that you will leave,
She thinks that you will find it weird that she has boxes of boxes in the cabinet and her clothes that never match; – will makes you runaway to Greece.
You have tried to make her believe,
Your love is not a deceive.
After months you have spend trying to convince,
Eventually you weaved.

She has endless love to pour,
But her games of emotion makes people bore.
She held so tight until many get sore,
Now she is in your shirt since you walked out that door.
This is what she tried to tell you before,
You will love her, until you do not anymore.

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