Introduction; –
She got her face embarassed,
But she never hit the parrot.
She made herself transparent,
That ended her to a deep confusion.
She tuned in to Evanescent,
And every song that Love listened.
She tried to hear beyond words unspoken,
To understand how badly does it hurt.
She made do from what she couldn’t,
For Love to have a good weekend.

Problem statement; –
Love expected her to be like the first,
Which is why her doings were all unpleasant.
Love hated what she painted,
And does not eat when she served dessert.
Love turned into a leopard,
When all she ever asked was affection.
Love never mentioned her torments,
Yes, she smiled often, but she is still human! Not a pain repellant.
Love left home with a conclusion,
At least, no worth was taken from this relation.

Moral lesson; –

  1. There are no points given for efforts.
  2. Nothing last forever.

Action taken; –

  1. Repeat if there is Love
  2. In case of failure, repeat action 1, unless you decided the route needs to be different.


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