My tears were the cloth that wiped your chest,
Cleaning the blood from your face to your ears.
Though I am just an elf, I am not deaf,
It hurts to know that you bleed for someone else.

I wanted to talk about the unjust, you said lets not discuss.
Don’t you dare say that I do not compromise,
When I have been keeping my jealousy to myself,
Lies are boomerang that is now coming back to your shelves; –
Completing all the missing sense.

Look at your lies betraying your face,
When they ran away to my place,
Begging to be save,
Because they can no longer fit into you space.

Don’t you see baby,
My godmother always tell me,
Lies haunt life like an outstanding bill,
I never believed, turns out it is real.

Every time I try to convince,
You start being manipulative,
Pointing at me who does not compensate your needs,
Then you said, lets consider this relationship. Ugh stupid.

When I asked, you yelled,
Then you bragged about her well,
Saying I am not taking care of your health,
And always busy spending all your wealth.

Sorry, you got me confused and overwhelmed,
In January you said you were living in hell,
It’s alright, I apologise to you for my pain,
Never have you ever caused me disgrace and vein.

Just one thing I could not comprehend,
While we are still holding hand in hand,
How can you just protect her effortless mess,
At the expense of our happiness?

You changed from hilarious to furious,
When I try to tell what I really miss,
You said, you don’t feel anything is less,
That is how I get all clueless.


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