Oh my goodness! Really?

Provoking through media is the last century,

Not playing your game because I am more classy.

Nobody bothers about anybody’s story,

Yours especially, none in my memory.

December has met December eventually,

Now we are in 2020.

If you want to be a bitch, at least do it properly.

Your example will be; – me,

Watch carefully.

Ahhhh I’m so happy 🥰 Thank you for giving me a life full of love, Baby 💛

Eh hey you are here too, I didn’t see. You are too tiny, dusty and rusty. I’m sorry, what? Ohhhh, you felt bitter already?

Great! Your ill intention to me has been diverted back to you, successfully.

Do not be angry lady,

At least, today you make me write a good poetry 😉


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