I was seventeen at your twenty two,
I realised how Love looks pretty on you. It’s impossible to not fall every time you said boo. You made me stuck myself to the ground by your smile that keeps me all glued; –
Now there is no undo.

They took my shoe to seperate us two.
Too bad running is not the only thing I can do.
Your heart is see through. So pure and soft like a tissue.
No one is allowed to make you feel blue. Baby. I will get you;-
I can canoe.

Their list of things for us to-do are left overdue. It makes them think that we will never get life through. They keep saying we have nothing to make do, but there is nothing can stop us too.
Of course they won’t see us waiting for the queue;-
We flew.

In times screwed and there is no coffee to brew, You are the fairytale I drew. So Thank you for making my dreams come true,
You make me rhymed at last, at last, at last, in everything I do. It took me a circle of life;-
To be blessed with you.


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