S, is the letter that begins my name, creating the sign of infinity that I have claimed. I can’t promise you immortality, but I can share endless hope for everybody.If you are not a lost astronaut, then you are not lonely. The most least, you have me. I will worth your nothing, with all my everything. So please… no suiciding. Here in my Homepage, there will be no judgement, no torment, because in my moment everyone deserves a life, not a lie, a shame or a blame. Beauty or beast, wise or otherwise, with plenty or no penny, you can always email to me and we can just talk about anything.

Sending Loves your way,

S o f ∞ n ∞ t e e

Earnings from write and paint, are my source of income for living. However, the fact that I do not have to force myself to work every morning since I love what I am doing, and it also heals me in so many ways, makes me couldn’t figure any price tag. So, my blog is a free flow reading for my reader to engrave your own meaning in each piece you read and set your own price to it. I’ll accept any amount as a gift or donation. It is the value that comes from one’s heart is the real treasure that I am hunting. However, book purchase and paintings for sale are available at my INFINITY GALLERY.

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Covidiot Pandemic

Its only January 2021 but I am already fighting against two kinds of pandemic,One is Covid and the other is Stupid. Believe me, you would rather fight the one with a


You are the pain that sore,but so pure you are my only cure. That smile of yours makes me weak,It also gives me strength every time I am sick. You are


New year is just a change in number to another history,Until that night you claimed me as your priority, Suddenly the darken sky popping out colours so brightly, Making a heart


You once said that you loved my smile,
Maybe that was the reason why,
You took it away from me all this while.
I really thought you were the good guy.


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